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This is a complete and up-to-date Curriculum Vitae, hosted at

Articles in Philosophy
The complete catalog of papers is hosted at Subjects include Consciousness, the Mind, Evolution, Space Exploration, Memetics (the evolution of ideas and culture), the Environment, and Nanotechnology.

My DJ Mixcloud
I have been DJ'ing since 1990 under the alias Maestro B. Here is my mixcloud. It contains my mix sets recorded live at events, dance parties and radio shows.

Cafe Philosophy
This is my philosophical playground.



"I currently live in Christchurch, New Zealand. In 1988 I became a sound and lighting engineer--operating sound systems and light-shows for bands and other productions. Through my contacts in that industry, I changed profession and became a nightclub DJ in 1990.

During the daylight hours of the early 1990's, I ran a computer graphics business, which involved the production of animated cartoon commercials for a local network of video screens that I installed in various public locations. The business also gave me the opportunity to produce a 30 minute long animated Nursery Rhyme video (for children under 5 years old), which was marketed throughout New Zealand and Australia by the Hughes Leisure Group.

In 1995 I enrolled at the University of Canterbury. Originally a computer science major, I fell victim to the seductive influence of philosophy, which prompted me to change my course of study. I completed my Masters degree in 1999, and was employed by the Department of Philosophy as a teaching and research assistant until 2002. My philosophical interests include Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Memetics, Evolution, and the Origin and Structure of the Universe. I continue to research and write in Philosophy and am currently working towards my PhD. I have also completed my certification as a philosophical practitioner through the National Philosophical Counselling Association.

I currently teach Philosophy at a Christchurch secondary school called Ao Tawhiti Unlimited. This is a special character school for highly motivated learners. Students are encouraged to direct their own learning through the pursuit of topics of individual interest. As part of my role in teaching Philosophy, I work with a number of other Philosophy teachers to develop the subject in New Zealand schools.

I have developed many Arcade Style Video Games. I have always been a fan of video games. My first attempt at programming games was on a primitive Sinclair home computer in 1983. I quickly progressed to an Acorn computer (they built the famous BBC machines of the mid 1980's), and it was with that system that I learned most of the techniques used to design games. After 1987 I took a long break from videogame design until 1995 at which time I created a Dos based game named Orbs. A few years later I became interested in animation effects on Internet sites using dynamic HTML, and it was from there that I jumped right back in to writing games. I am currently producing games in Javascript using HTML5 canvas technology for Christchurch based company, Cerebral Fix. You can check out the production history of my older games by visiting the Production page.

When I started doing games in Javascript, Flash was an emerging technology. At the time, most developers were using the JAVA language for games and the use of Javascript was rare. I like to think of myself as one of the early pioneers of Javascript game design. Following the development of HTML5, Javascript has had a resurgence in popularity and is now being used more frequently as a game design language.

I am working on several goals involving game design, music, and DJ'ing. Outside of those goals my primary goal is one of science and knowledge. My goal is to move Philosophy out of the corridors of academia and introduce it to a larger audience. My hope is that people will learn to think rationally and exercise skepticism when faced with everyday concerns. This will allow all people to question authority, ask for reasons before accepting claims, and seek a better understanding of the world and the universe. As people become skilled in this way of thinking, they will look at the bigger picture and better understand their place in the universe. This will result in people taking better care of Earth, raising the perceived status of animals, and respecting other people as equals." -- Brent Silby 2001-2017

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