This page contains my earliest games along with some games by Scott Porter who created the original gamelib library upon which my games are built.

Keno Crush by Brent Silby

This is a non-arcade game based on the popular Keno game. The project was commissioned by Casino-Crush. The version on their site is a pay-per-play game, and credits earned get added to the player's existing account.

Galaxian by Scott Porter

This version of Galaxian was written by Scott Porter in 1999. After his site disappeared, I managed to find a copy of this game on another site. I've added a speed test to ensure that it runs at the correct speed on modern computers. Control Keys: Q,W (move) P (fire). In 2018, David Fouch upgraded to game to ensure that it will run on the modern generation of browsers.

Cluster Bomb by Scott Porter

As part of my quest to preserve Scott's games, I have found a copy of Cluster Bomb. This is a fun version of Taito's "Puzzle Bobble". It was written in 1999, so will only run in Internet Explorer. Any version of Internet Explorer will work, but because its a pre DOM2 game, it will not work in Firefox, Mozilla, etc. Control Keys: Q,W (move) P (fire)

Aerial Drop by Brent Silby

To play the game, use the Q and A keys to aim your gun up and down. Fire with P key. Try to destroy all enemy aircraft before the parachuting robots capture your base.

Bug Control by Brent Silby

In this game the player moves a spray can around the screen and shoots down alien bugs--preferably before they destroy the house. The spray can sprays automatically when a bug is targeted. The game has several stages, each with a different house to protect.

Music Catcher by Brent Silby

My first javascript game. The game involves the player moving an MP3 recorder around the screen trying to catch musical notes. A simple time waster game.

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